The start of something is always the hardest part. How do you set the tone? How do you describe your lofty goals without seeming too eager? How do you not make it weird? Is it weird? Are you sure? Too bad. I’m going to make it weird. 

I’m excited to use this space to share happenings and thoughts from my life. Twitter is fun, but long-form writing is always easier for me, despite the fact that it’s harder on the attention span. From the exclusive club of my long-gone LiveJournal account to the ephemeral and always vague-posting nature of MySpace bulletins, it feels like I’ve been blogging in some form or another for the majority of my life on the internet. I’m so excited to finally have a space all my own for posts.

When I feel anxious about a beginning, there is a YouTube video I always watch to make me feel a little better. It has been there for me on so many first days and before first pages of stories, so it feels fitting to embed it here on my first post. 

I hope it brings you as much motivation and joy as it brings me. 

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