Big News!

I wasn’t able to talk about this until today, but the cat is officially out of the bag. I am now represented by Tara Gonzalez at Erin Murphy Literary Agency. I am over the moon with excitement about this. Tara talked about my manuscript with the same excitement that close friends of mine spoke about the story, and she has the most amazing vision for the future of the story.

Tara found me through the Twitter book pitching event, #DVPit, in which writers with historically underrepresented and marginalized voices are able to pitch their writing to literary agents. The event is an absolute ocean of talent. Reading through the pitches, I was overwhelmed by the amazing stories that reached so many corners of human experiences. I am so humbled and amazed that my little queer story about a road trip caught the attention of a few people, and I was even more surprised to get the attention of someone like Tara.

I feel the urge to thank everyone who has ever read my writing and had anything at all to say about it. I’ve been supported by so many other writers, and I feel like by having representation now, I’m proving myself to everyone who believed in me.

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