The Basics:

Ezrael Maher is a fiction writer who has spent most of her life in the state of Texas. She has a B.A in Literary Studies, a B.S. in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, and a M.S. in Communication Disorders, all from the University of Texas at Dallas. She has a passion for exploring the weird in everyday life and finding truth in strange places.

The Whole Story:

Ezrael Maher was born in Las Vegas, Nevada during a massive rainstorm. Since then, she has never been able to stop causing trouble or staring at bright lights. She moved with her family to Dallas, Texas at a young age, and has remained in the state ever since. She has lived in both Denton and Austin for short periods, but has always come back to the DFW area. She loves to travel, and when she worked as a vendor at various comic book conventions, she saw much of the US through the passenger window. 

She attended the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science, where she found that while she wasn’t cut out to be an engineer, she was great at editing English essays for her engineer friends. She had the magical accident of being in line at a concert next to a professor in Communication Disorders, and found that studying communication in children was the best way to combine her love of language, reading, writing, and talking. In her work as a speech-language pathologist, she gives others the power to use their voices. In her work as a writer, she finds the power in her own voice. She writes to understand the world around her, and to tell stories she feels are missing from the world. She is especially passionate about telling queer stories.

Beyond her life of communication and books, Ezrael is a lover of all art, both lowbrow and fancy. She is a firm believer that nothing should ever be a guilty pleasure, and she is proud to enjoy overproduced pop music and overly intellectual podcasts. She loves taking on arts and crafts projects, from painting to sculpting to collage. She is a lifelong lover of musical theater and had spent more time watching the film adaptation of Chicago than she has sleeping. She is passionate about but unskilled with video games, and loves Nintendo games or any others that are equally candy-colored.